Report on WHOIS Description Soon To Be Released

ICANN was and still is involved into the field of delivering the best evaluation of WHOIS description and in order to make it the most reliable one a collaboration with the other governments and experts from private companies was needed to be initiated.

They were gathered from various fields of domain names connected fields and resort was made to the most recent technology on the market possible.

The initial conclusions of the report outlines the main regulations feedback that was received from the public and will serve as a guidance for the final document that will be issued on the matter of methodology in this field.

The conclusions until now are not final and the material will continue to be analysed in conjunction with governmental experts efforts to provide the best records available on the market of domain names.

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Predicted Stages in the Stewardship Transitional Process for ICANN

A new analysis report showing the necessary steps to be taken for the accountability process has been released by ICANN in order to provide a bridge in the collaboration with the U.S. Government.

The document includes opinions and ideas from a time period of twenty-one days and ICANN gives a set of explanations why it has been published on such a late date. The reason seems to be that they needed to make it available to the users and give them a good opportunity to express their own view on it.

The transfer of the managing process of the stewardship functions was decided in 2014 and there has been a total number of seventeen suggestions that were submitted regarding the integration of the coordination process that would end the transitional period for the domain names field operator.

The feedback that was received will serve as a starting point to integrate the original groups into one organization that will deal with the accountability problems and will create the possibility of broadening the input support database.

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Controversy Over Walmart.LGBT Domain Name

Lately there has been issued a complaint related to a domain address that points to Walmart brand and which was considered as damaging the group’s public image and therefore this lead to legal actions against the owner’s acquisition, which happened on the 10th of Ferbruary.

The website is not being hosted on any server at the moment, but the situation will be examine ir order to see if the domain name is not easily confused to Walmart brand, if it was purchased in bad faith and if it was legally obtained. If this is the case, the domain will be transferred to Walmart.

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Significant Domains Acquisition for GoDaddy Portfolio

Internet domains market has been lately witness to several important sales between major companies that revolve their activities around this field of activity where important revenues can be obtained by buying the right url addresses at the right moment.

Such a business was reported to have happened recently in January between worldwide known domains reseller GoDaddy which purchased about 200 000 domain names from the mobile advertising company Marchex for the sum of $28.1 million in cash which was added to the $6.7 million in direct sales.

Marchex Chief Executive Officer, Pete Christothoulou, speaking about the reason behind the transaction, stressed their current focus on mobile advertising analytics: “Our complete focus is on establishing Marchex as the world’s leading mobile advertising analytics company. A significant and growing majority of the consumer engagement and sales driven by mobile advertising happens offline, such as through phone [1]calls. Narrowing our focus on this opportunity, while growing our balance sheet, strengthens our ability to continue delivering technology solutions that bring accountability to mobile advertising and transform business performance for our clients.”

On the other hand, the beneficiary of this deal seems to have bought some remarkably quality domains with an average price of about $140 for each of them. Senior Vice President and General Manager Mike McLaughlin at GoDaddy also made a statement about their future plans on the newly purchased domain names: “GoDaddy views this as a unique opportunity to acquire a large group of high quality names and make them available to businesses worldwide. These names have not been generally available to the public. This means we’re able to bring more visibility and liquidity into the market for businesses everywhere.”

According to ICANN reports, this deal follows another one that this group has made with Afternic, another  premium domain provider, in September 2013, and in comes in line with their latest marketing strategy of  increasing the number of premium domain names available in search results.

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$48m Domain Predictions with Minds + Machines

Great news for Minds + Machines shareholders – the group who has got into ownership 20 new gTLDs will start partnering on another four one, out of which 13 of them received 46 501 registrations at the moment of this update. A significant number of requests were for .work domain with 20 605 as compared to less than 10 000 for the others, while the most important development was recorded for .london with 62 143 registrations. All in all, Machines’s portfolio now includes over 63,000 registrations since the beginning of the current year.

The future strategy of the company now focuses on private auctions on contested domains about which they predict they can finally get to ICANN’s decision in the end if issues are not solved otherwise.

Predictions go further to anticipate an increase in registration revenues in the second part of the year based on the already announced domains launching such as .law and .abogado, domains renewals and the development of their Premium Name module.

Dwelling on the group’s current marketing results, CEO of Mind + Machines ANtony Van Couvering concludes:

“We believe the Group is strongly positioned to compete in the remaining auction rounds. We are encouraged by the Group’s ability to have grown its cash reserves since 31 December whilst completing seven top-level domain launches during that period. Our focus is now on the successful commercialisation of those domains already launched and the phased launch programme for our remaining domains to maximise the penetration of each in their given markets.”

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