ICANN and APTLD Reaching Agreement For Functionality Increase

Aiming to promote partnership, ICANN signed a memorandum meant to allow collaboration between registrars from different regions and stakeholders who take part in creating the policies for the Internet.

Following this direction, a partnership has been created between ICANN and APTLD in order to initiate complementary activities and increase the capability of operators in every part of the globe. This collaboration also tries to encourage users and stakeholders to get involved in the making of ICANN’s decisions, according to this organization’s president, Mr. Fadi Chehade.

APTLD expresses their appreciation for ICANN’s efforts and work with the community of users in order to increase the operativity of functions and said there will be regular meetings to foster a ccTLDS network for the Asian region.

What is expected from ICANN is their expertise on the operational ability areas such as the DNS field and the development of the internet infrastructure.

Sedo’s No Reserve dotCOM Auction is Now Underway! No Bids So Far

Sedo is hosting these days a No Reserve dotCOM auction. The auction will end July 2,2015.

The auction features 24 dot .COM domain names .At the time of writing this article, none of the domain names included in the auction have bids.

Some interesting domain names included in the auction are :


You can see the entire inventory and place your bids here.

DNS Belgium : 2014 Was a Year of Investing in New gTLDs

DNS Belgium, the company behind .be domain extension, said that the main focus of the previous year was the operational launch of their two new extensions : .Brrrussels and .Vlaanderen.

You can read the announcement after the jump :

"The main focus of the previous year was the operational launch of our 2 new extensions: .vlaanderen and .brussels. We succeeded quite well in this. In this sense, our challenges for 2015 remain the same as in 2014, namely building awareness around the existence and possibilities of these new internet extensions.

From a financial perspective, the impact of the gTLD launch was somewhat larger than expected, which means the organisation will achieve a break-even no sooner than 2015. In other words, 2014 can be seen as a year of investments.

The .be results were good and even ended up higher than we expected. The number of active .be domain names grew slightly, the revenue from paid transactions rose with 13% and the costs remained within budget range.

2014 was also a great year for operational continuity, quality and security. The KPIs that were reached in the previous year become the reference for the coming years. This, in combination with the pursuit of operational excellence, forms our challenge for the years to come.

You can read our complete financial report here.

Starting Today, Irish People Everywhere can register Dot Irish Domain Names

Starting today, June 25 at 16.00 UTC, Irish organisations and people everywhere can register Dot Irish domains .

You can read the press release after the jump :

"Irish organisations and people everywhere can register Dot Irish domain names following the start of General Availability registration on June 25 at 16.00 UTC.

Dot Irish is the new top-level domain (TLD) that makes it possible to use the word ‘Irish’ after the dot in a web address in the same way .com or .net are used. For Irish organisations and people everywhere, Dot Irish provides a meaningful domain name that can be recognised throughout the world. Whether it’s for business or lifestyle and leisure, Dot Irish domain names provide a distinctive digital identity for the global Irish community of more than 70 million people.

Registration is easy as there are no restrictive eligibility criteria. Registry Operator, Dot-Irish LLC works in partnership with a global network of accredited registrars who are listed in the ‘availability’ section of http://www.nic.irish. Prices may vary across registrars but standard registration for one year is expected to be around $35. For Irish business names, brand names, organisations and people names that require a distinctive digital identity, a Dot Irish domain is an ideal solution. Premium domain names including popular keywords and generic terms also become available in General Availability and can be purchased through accredited registrars.

The launch of Dot Irish is supported by promotional activity across digital, print and broadcast media in Ireland, UK, US, Canada and Australia. Registry Operator, Dot-Irish LLC is authorized to operate the Dot Irish top-level domain (TLD) by ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. The company has offices in Ireland and the US and is wholly committed to providing a distinctive digital identity to help the global Irish community connect, grow and prosper."

Another gTLD Important Acquisition for Google

Google has just made one of the biggest purchases on the market of gTLD strings with the acquisition of .app during an auction for which they paid  $57.015.622 to ICANN.


This is not the only auction that brought new profit, so as a result, ICANN’s Board of Directors is expected now to come up with a plan of using the funds after consulting the community of their users.

For the above mentioned auction, there were twelve applicants that took part, and Google was represented by Charleston Road Registry Inc. This deal comes first in price after another one which was done for .blog, apparently sold for about $20 million.

Although Google originally insisted that there should be a closed registering possibility for the string, in the end they were required to allow anyone to do this operation, after the intervention of the Governmental Advisory Committee.


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