Preliminary Report On Stewardship Process

Webinar On Contact Information Disclosure

A new requirement was addressed to the Working Group of Translation and Transliteration, which was asked to examine if the contact details should be translated or not. There is a first document that was released, in which recommendations that this translation should not be made were included, being suggested that this should be made optionally.


The decision was taken of holding a webinar which will allow the members of the community to comprehend the methods implied by the group. Within it, they will be presenting the first suggestions and it will come as an opportunity for questions to be asked and answered.


The informing session will last 30 minutes and will also be a time when users will be able to submit comments on the areas of their interest.

Postponing Right Protections Mechanisms Report for ICANN

A new solicitation was sent to GNSO via email from the Policy Director at ICANN to postpone the date of releasing the first report about the present situation of the instruments for rights safeguarding used for the current and latest appeared gTLDs which also include the UDRP and URS.


On old decision of the council had required that this report should not be delayed with more than eighteen months after the acceptance of a new gTLD.

As explanations or causes for this delay was offered the fact that there is a big amount of work needed to release the report and there is an impressive number of staff members engaged in other projects already.

Even if the council’s answer cannot be predicted, there is a high chance that it will be granted in the end. If the answer is positive, the policy development phase will not begin sooner than the first part of 2016, due to the fact that there are many issues to take into consideration in the meantime.

The estimated time before this task is completed is about one year (or even more) and this should lead to a full report deliverance which should include all the necessary reviewed recommendations for the community of users.


The CWG Group Ends Meeting Discussions

The outcome of the meeting sessions of The Cross Community Working Group is now accessible for reading and comments. Within a time frame of two days, the group analysed the opinions received from the users about the draft project.


Knowing the importance of the users contribution to it, their work led to the submission of the draft to five organizations and finally to the ICG. Taking into account that the opinions and comments that were received were varied and reflected different views, it became obvious that more analysis was required so the reviewing period was extended.


For this, the CWG resorted to two surveys in order to get a clear view about the main suggestions arising from the comments. The received commentaries proved to be extremely valuable and guided the members of the group to develop an improved version of the proposal for ICG.  

The meeting sessions were recorded and together with the documents that resulted from them, are posted for public availability on the wikipage of the group.

The main focus of the group now is the next actions that should be taken, among which they consider important to get counseling about the most important elements of the recommendations and the future involvement in the accountability program and the support expected from the other relevant organizations.

ICANN Recommendations Report Released

Following the discussions arising from the problems related to the implementation of the new gTLD program, there was a greater emphasis laid on the issues requiring policy work, including what actions should be taken, the right time for them and how the issues subject to divergent views should be dealt with.

After some comments included and expressed in a community discussion at the meeting in Beijing, the GNSO Council took the decision to start a debating group who was asked to come up with a few suggestions about some issues that are connected to the policy in use.

The first recommendations were published for the users and are included in a survey which was posted on the ICANN's website.



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