Domain Names Scam Attempts On The Rise

Internet nowadays has become a place where cyber attacks are so common that anyone and anything has become exposed to them. Such is the case with ICANN, too, who reported their users have been targeted with a new fraud attempt regarding domain names authorizing.

The hackers tried to use the company’s image and sent emails to their users as if sent by ICANN. The purpose of those messages is to get the personal information, including financial data, from them. Such methods are quite widely used by scammers and for this they resort to similar images to the real logos as well as the same slogans and words as on the genuine websites they steal them from.

ICANN has made a public announcement to let the public know they never collect personal information within emails, they never ask for money and they never ask users to click on suspicious links.

In order to avoid other cases in the future, an investigation will be made and similar situations are to be alerted to ICANN so that necessary actions should be taken. Any inquiries about fraudulent attempts are expected to be reported promptly as soon as possible.

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New Regulations About Application Procedure With ICANN

Since there were many inquiries and demands to modify applications procedure, ICANN decided to release an ammendment, which led to the publishing of any change on their website.

Thus there will be some modifications which will not be published for reviews for thirty days. Certain parts of the application will be subject to confidentiality and new rules will be in place regarding the applicant’s personal information.

However, ICANN will publish certain data that they consider to be appropriate to be made public according to their internal policy.

New rules about reviews will be enforced, too. They will be performed separately to the modification demand so that the expected result be received as soon as possible.

The updates will be released every month and they will be published on ICANN’s website.

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ICANN : Progress of Comments Implementation On Fast Track

ICANN has been involved into a series of programs which are meant to implement the main suggestions and recommendations that were received from organizations that deal with domain names issues and situations.

A new update on the progress of such programs has been released and is now available for the public.

In order that the programs should be successful, ICANN is trying to follow closely the specific procedures in this field and any updates are presented either on their website or on the occasion of conferences and press releases.

The implementation of suggestions that were received began as soon as the Board of Directors reviewed and accepted them. A total number of sixteen members of the commission in charge were designated to review and discuss all the ideas and opinions from the community of users and it took almost a year until a final report was made public.

As agreed with the US Government, a thorough organization to implement this project was required and put into action. A dedicated team was chosen to run the project while the entire work was supervised by the delegated ICANN members. Feedback is ensured through dedicated channels and progress is being followed at all times by designated members of the Board.

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ICANN Calls for Public Involvement in Domain Names Procedures

ICANN has launched an open invitation to the community of users to get involved into the process of disagreement decision, making a statement that all the letters of intention will be kept private. All applicants are required to read all the necessary documentation before submission.

A concern has been expressed regarding the report about the regulations break from one of the registry operators that were agreed with ICANN. The same verification may happen with others registry operators so that all legal procedures are met.

The members of the commision will be in number of three and they are required to have both knowledge in various fields connected to the domain names field and they should come from various regions of the globe. At the same time, they should not be involved into any activities that ICANN officially runs.

All operations will be done via the Internet so that both transparency and costs reduction will result from this.

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Continuous Assessment – True Key to Professional Advancement

ICANN has periodic internal assessment reviews whose purpose is to measure the quality of services delivered to the public but also to determine the precision for every gTLD program that is implemented.

In order to ensure an objective evaluation, private companies are preferred and they are given the task of coming with a full and extensive report in concordance with the goals and methodology which is contained by ICANN’s public policy.

At the same time the report contains suggestions of improvement and areas which do excellent regarding quality of services.

The fact that ICANN seeks to obtain a high degree of customer satisfaction proves that they found the way to deliver the expected standards and that was possible through innovative programs and heavy preparation training which can be noticed in their annual results.

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