Main Goal for ICANN: Services Getting Improved Through Precision

In the continuous process of updating latest technologies available on the market and implementing the newest information, ICANN has worked with the experts from various governments in order to come up with the most precise WHOIS data.

The outcome of this work is contained in a document which was published on the organization’s website and among other objectives and goals it is wanted that feedback from the community of users will be received soon, in order to come with a final version.

A specific program will then be able to provide users with detailed WHOIS reports which will be increasingly more precise than the ones until now.

For this to function as best as possible, data is collected and organized from various postal services across the globe as well as the most important internet providers.

Then it is analyzed and compared thouro which makes this service to be very reliable in the end for the users interested in it.

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Updated Set of Rules for the Forthcoming Auctions

A revised schedule for the next auction from ICANN has been published and will include qualified disputed ownership of domain names as well as the delayed similar processes from previous months.

The latest regulations about this procedure have been reviewed and put into use and according to them a time duration of at least forty-five days is required before participation to any auction takes place.

One of the modifications that are brought forth is the fact that any participant in an auction that withdraws is refused to be accepted again for future similar applications.

This last remaining procedure that is meant to clarify any possible objections that appears and in order to make it as objective as possible they are conducted through the Internet.

The auction proceeds until gradually only a bidder remains the one to pay the highest price for the respective string they want to purchase.

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New Application Procedures In Place Soon

Latest PDT materials have come into main focus for ICANN who issued new documents featuring better procedures meant to ease the application procedures for the new submissions.

At the same time, the modified drill was empowered so that it makes sure the applicant has both the expertise and possibility to use and manage a new gTLD name, in strict connection to the application fles that are available for the customers on ICANN’s website.

When applying there are certain chapters and fields that are under main focus, among which Whois details, the documents that are presented for analysis, the resources made available, DNS or IDN.

The new procedure helps also to ensure that any possible errors are detected on time and applications will run smoothly without any obstacles during the process of registration.

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ICANN Versus Legal Dilemma In A Domain Name Property Case

In a recent action the US authorities enabled ICANN to deal with a case which involved the possibility for victims of terrorism of getting control over Iran’s ccTLD.

The decision of the court had to deal with the issue of legality over the question if domain names can be taken away as a form of compensation for someone, especially since no similar cases have been met before.

What was brought forth was the idea that the services of a domain names provider have a separate and intangible status and cannot be given out as compensation for the only reason that a country is somehow related to the issue in question.

That being said, it came as a general rule to be followed that domain names are operated by their administrators of registries and cannot and will not be used as a form of property to be given to third parties. As a consequence, ICANN issued a press release stating the above ideas.

The solution that was given by the court is still disputed by the community of users who have put a lot of pressure lately on ICANN’s status and its relation with the US Government and would rather see their prerogatives transfered to an internationally ruled organization instead.

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ICANN Applicants Now Able to Speed Up Submissions

According to the pacechart ICANN has decided to follow lately, an overview on the IDN submission for the Greek ελ string was issued, containing a set of conclusions about the eligibility of it.

After the sixteenth of November 2009 all the countries that were able to fit the requirements could ask for their ccTLDs strings.

Subsequent to the feedback received from the users, the Board of ICANN issued a review which took into the account the suggestions that were sent by goverment specialists in the domain names field.

Due to a modification operated by the Board, all the applicants were able to ask for an evaluation by using a two panel process for matching of domain name ending.

After the date of fifth of November 2014 ICANN issued a final pacechart about ccTLD speed up process which contains all the modifications necessary for all the applicants to obtain a fast approval for their requests.

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