Rightside Increases New Domains Number to 39

Recently the world leading domains provider Rightside has announced the acquisition of three new addresses that will be available for their consumers: .FAMILY, .STUDIO, and .LIVE which are meant for better alternatives to .com. For examples the .FAMILY domain extension can be used for situations like planning reunions or family blogs or creating personalized e-mail addresses related to families. It is also particularly useful for those members that want to stay in touch with each other or for tracing family history.

As for the .STUDIO domain, it is meant for the users passionate about yoga, art, design, beauty and architecture and already have a website that would like to be easier to be remembered by their visitors.

The term .LIVE is connected to . NEWS, .SOCIAL and .VIDEO, therefore it is suitable for streaming concerts or interviews or any other applications that want to broadcast live events in real time for their customers.

About the trend in gTLDs domains, Rightside CEO Taryn Naidu declares:

“As companies find new ways to develop and extend their online presence across various platforms, we know that it can be challenging to maintain their brand identities. With .FAMILY, .STUDIO, and .LIVE, we believe that we have strengthened our portfolio of TLDs that gives users more memorable and descriptive domain name options to match their brand to each of their online activities.”

Rightside is known as being one of the companies which are interested in offering their customers a more varied way of presenting their businesses online. They are specialized in domain name services and their headquarters are based on three continents, Europe, America and Australia.

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New Security Measures on Chinese Domain Names

In a very strict and controlled Internet environment such as the one existing in China, there is no surprise that the Chinese government has only approved eight domain names companies and fourteen new TLDS ones.

According to their press release, stressing the big number of Internet users and customers, much stricter control is to be expected soon on their market. There is an announced participation from Brandma.Co’s representatives at the next ICANN meetings during the 21st and 25th event in Argentina where registries and registrars will have the possibility to interact and close deals.

These measures were announced on the website of China’s media bureau, called Cyberspace Administration of China, and are being motivated by the need to increase Internet usage safety for the Chinese users. They are expected to be implemented within a period of six months, starting from April this year.

Since there is a high pressure from the government to comply with this (registrars in China have already been notified, and well known extensions like .com, .org or .co and .me were told to make the necessary changes), and there has also been issued a recommendation from Mr. Ching Chiao, CEO of Brandma.CO that tells operators should develop new strategies for the new Internet environment, the websites domain names providers started to voluntarily modify the ones which are not allowed by their regulatory office.

According to Ms. Cathy Peng, an expert within Brandma, the newly implemented measures are compared to ICANN’s application process, only in Mandarin variant, requiring a proper understanding about their regulatory system. Thus, this concludes the waiting period from the Chinese government and leads to the proactive phase, the one involving knowing in a higher degree the organizations behind each domain name.

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Newest Tendencies in Assigning Domains

Talking about the introduction of new gTLDS, Internet analysts make a parallel between them and the days when there were only three tv channels in the American media. For many years nothing much changed, apart from the colour tv emerging and PBS, until cable tv appeared in the 1980’s. Same thing happened with the internet domain names where there were .GOV, .EDU, .ORG and .COM extensions at the beginning, with the latter being the most popular.

Several years after this thing happened, there was little change in their evolution. Until 15 months ago when hundred of new gTLDS were introduced, very much the same evolvement we assisted to cable tv stations all around the world.

This change is seen as a beneficial one for the consumers as they get a wider choice for digital spaces and they are have access to hundreds more channels tailored to their needs. This suits most important names and companies which will be easily recognized as being genuine when operating their Dot Brand. And it will allow customers to create their own personalized pages which will be more likely to be remembered in that specific format.

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Change of Location For ICANN’s Meeting in 2016

A decision to delay  the forthcoming convention about the IANA Stewardship Transition in Morocco has been taken by ICANN after some worries were expressed about the hosting possibilities in that location. The alternative seems to be Singapore, at the moment.

This choice has been made after major consultations with the Board and the community of users and all available possibilities were taken into consideration.

In order to make the meeting possible, ICANN led negotiations with the government of Morocco and all the directors of the organizations which deal with internet regulating activities.

After the consultations were over, a final decision was taken that the meeting will be organized in Singapore at the beginning of 2016 and participants will be asked for any travelling support that they might need.

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Suggested Document To Boost ICANN Accountability Was Submitted

Recently a document which was meant to be used as a charter has been developed and sent over to the organizations that coordinate the CCWG activities.

In this document one can find a full description of a problem statement, targets and guidelines and some suggested working fields for the future.

The CCWG Group is expected to organize their tasks with a focus on the tools enabling ICANN accountability and solutions which could be implemented outside the IANA normal objectives.

Apart from this, volunteers are expected to get involved into their activities, that is why an open invitation was launched for participation.

The NTIA invited for a faster strengthening of the accountability system, according to ICANN’s public commitment and outlined that a replacement of their role with a government institution management will not be acceptable.

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