10% Business Expansion for Famous Four Media

Good business times for registrar operator Famous Four Media, who exceeded half a million sales volume last month according to a press release from ICANN.

In a statement from Andy Churley, CEO of the above mentioned company, the success relies on the popularity of the domains they offer to their customers, who are very much interested in names like PARTY, .SCIENCE and .WEBCAM. and there are perspectives for more with the forthcoming release of  .DATE and .REVIEW in the near future.

Two years ago ICANN started an enthusiastic program meant to open the domain names environment to the users worldwide and this is why now one can register any domain that they can think of.

Since they do not want to limit their success to only 10% Famous Four Media intends to launch ten more domain names soon to their existing portfolio of BID, .TRADE,.WEBCAM, .SCIENCE, .CRICKET and .PARTY. Anyone interested in getting such a domain extension is expected to address to ICANN accepted registrars.

ICANN Ready to Increase Availability for .SONY, .ARCHI, .BIO and .SAARLAND

Recently ICANN has issued a press release regarding the approval process for new gTLDS domains, namely .SONY, .ARCHI, .BIO and .SAARLAND. The whole documentation is under review and can be found at the following address:


At the moment, there are some regulations which requires that the country and territory names should be excluded from being inserted in new registrations, at any level.


There are also requirements related to significant competition or security issues which needed to be analysed and it seems that so far the proposals do not contradict them.


However, the registry operators came with some amendments which should allow registration at all levels for the above mentioned gTLDS. Currently, only .SONY was allowed to benefit from Specification 13.

ICANN Launches Study About Effects on DNS Root System

In accordance to the supported idea of maintaining a secure and stable internet network, ICANN has decided to launch a study which is expected to examine the impact of the new gTLD Program on the DNS root system.

The chosen providers will have to develop and run a research on the data from the root servers regarding mainly the historical performance and the data offered by the previously conducted studies. At the end of this study, it will be possible to obtain a review about the impact of the Program on the DNS root system, identify the necessary steps needed to add more TLDS and to assess the situation of the root zone on a continuous basis.

The providers which will be chosen for this process will have to be qualified for this job in order to be able to run this complex task efficiently and in due time.

The study is a result of the continuous commitment of ICANN to assess the possible effects of the new gTLD Program on the specific operations of the DNS root servers and to delay delegations so they will not put the system’s security at risk.

Guess Wins Guess-Factory.com Domain Name in Arbitration

Guess won another UDRP case seeking to obtain the transfer of Guess-Factory.com. The company submitted the complaint with the National Arbitration Forum on April 28,2015.

According to whois records, the domain name was first registered in March,2015

Guess owns many trademark registrations for the "Guess" mark all over the world. Therefore,it is more than obvious that the disputed domain name is confusingly similar to its trademark.Moreover,the company managed to demonstrate that the respondent has no rights or legitimate interest in the disputed domain name and that the respondent used the domain name in bad faith .

The arbitrator assigned to the case ruled in favor of Guess,indicating that the company has full rights to the disputed domain name .The respondent's loss was also partly due to the fact that he failed to submit a response in this proceeding ,accepting these way Guess's allegations as fact .

You can read the decision here .

New ICANN Hub in Singapore Expands Further More

During the last recent years ICANN  has established new coordinating points to better serve its clients worldwide, in Singapore and Istanbul, Turkey. The one in Asia emerged in August 2013 and both of them have increased their personnel strength and functional support.


Due to organizational reasons, in order to increase efficiency and after thorough evaluations about the costs of the new office, it has been approved that the Asian hub will be transferred to a larger location, namely FY16, on the 1st October 2015.

They will continue providing a wide range of services starting from registry or registrar services management, human resources, IT and legal services, stakeholder engagement, contracts issues and not least, customer support. All of these will be offered and coordinated by eighteen staff members, while in Istanbul twelve of their colleagues will be involved into policy development support, in addition to what was previously mentioned. There are currently plans to hire Customer Services in Istanbul, too, in order to offer multilingual support to anyone that might need it.

In accordance to its globalization strategy, ICANN will stick to its efforts to provide a secure and stable Internet network through his three worldwide hubs for their community of users.

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