Need Advice About Best Marketplace

I'm looking for a brandable domain name for my business. Can you please let me know some about some similar websites or alternatives to BrandBucket? Thanks in advance.

Need Advice About Best Marketplace

20$ for both, 2 year old and
registrar: epik
expiry: 08-2020
age: 2 years
expiry: 12-2019
registrar: GoDaddy
BIN: 20$ for both
payment via epik by purchasing, for will do a manual push or provide auth code

20$ for both, 2 year old and

A Follow Up To A GoDaddy Repossessed My Domain

Some of you may know that some months back, I was ripped off by a seller here on NP. I had bought a 4L .com domain and shortly after receiving the domain, GoDaddy repossessed it. My loss was very small thank goodness. Of course, the seller disappeared.

Anyway, after that happened, I decided that I would only purchase names registered at GoDaddy if I called them directly, and they told me the name was clear.

Well, I had to do just that today. I won an auction for a domain here on NP (it…

A Follow Up To A GoDaddy Repossessed My Domain – 20 yrs old

Reg'd since 1999. Nice keywords and a lot of potential end-user.

Registrar: Namesilo
Expires: 4/8/2020
Starts: $1
Increments: $1 or more
End Time: 96 hrs from last bid or BIN
BIN: $129
Payment via PayPal

Good luck! – 20 yrs old

Registrar: PSI-USA
Expires: 11/30/2019
Auction start: $1
Increments: $1+
Auction Ends: BIN or 72 hours after the last bid
Transfer: Auth Code Only
Payment: Paypal, within 24 hours

GoDaddy Appraises This Domain at $1,303