WPClicks – Watch Your Site Visitors

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Watch LIVE, Real-Time Recordings of Your Visitors Interacting with YOUR Site.
UNLIMITED Recordings Per Install.

Create and Track Goal Campaigns following your visitor from his arrival onto your site through to the moment he signs up or buys.
Watch only those folks who leave your site at a certain moment and FIX the cracks in your sales process.
Build the perfect website with the highest conversions possible because your prospects tell you what they want.
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Seopressor Simplifies On-page SEO

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Some people find it hard to get to the top of search engine rankings, especially Google. No matter how hard they try, they just couldn’t quite get it. Some people find it easy as pie to get to the top, like in a blink of the eye.

Why is it that some can, and some can’t?

Here’s a secret I will let you in on:

They automate the process.

Yes, you read that right.

Sure, some of the successful ones say their hire expensive, renowned expert SEO consultants to do the job. And in some cases that is true and the SEO consultants deliver. But for every successful SEO consultant that gets the job done, there are probably ten cases where the “experts” just fail to deliver.

And those at the very top of their game HIDE this secret, and won’t let just anyone else know about it because it will ABSOLUTELY DESTROY the SEO CONSULTANT field and WIPE OUT THE COMPETITION. It will put all those so-called SEO professionals out of a job!

And what is this secret?

They let a trusted software tool take care of the tedious tasks of analysis, research and calculation that can so bedevil the human mind. This tool makes their work so easy, simple and risk-free, soon SEO consultants might need to find a new career path!

And not just any tool, no sir. This is the only one of a kind plugin EXCLUSIVE for WordPress users…

Even now as I’m telling you this, ANOTHER HUNDRED USERS ARE ALREADY DOMINATING THEIR NICHES WITH THIS PLUGIN, RIGHT THIS SECOND. 70,000+ WordPress niche sites are already comfortably using this plugin to rise to the top of their game and dominating over their competitors!

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How to update WP Robot

WP RobotIf you use WordPress then you probably use WP Robot. If you don’t yet use WP Robot you need it. It is one of the most powerful autoposting tools available. I consider it an essential plugin for any WordPress user.

While WP Robot is great automation tool, updating it isn’t as easy. After, going through the process of ftp’ing new files, de-activating and then re-activating the plugin over several sites, I knew there had to be a better method. Well, there is. The One Click Plugin Updater makes updating WP Robot easy. Once you have the updated .zip sent from WP Robot you simply select Install Plugin from your Plugins WordPress menu, then select Install From File, choose the file then hit Install.

One Click Update

That’s it. Your WP Robot is updated.