How to get backlinks fast including .edu and .gov (BlackHat)

By now you probably know about the Google Panda update, and since the update Google doesn’t put as much emphasis on backlinks. That might be true but a few .edu or .gov backlinks that are targeted to your niche couldn’t hurt. Here I’ll show you how to get a few .gov or .edu backlinks quickly in a sort of Blackhat method. The entire process takes under 1 minute.

First, go to Google and enter the following: “earth” “powered by disqus” Where “earth” represents your keyword or niche that you would like to target.

.gov niche link search

In the results you will see .gov listings since  “” was specified in the search. We are especially looking for the listings with “powered by disqus” as seen below:

.gov search listing

Go to the .gov site listed and scroll down to the comments section. Enter in your comment and select “Post as …”

comment section

When entering your comment you can even add links as well:

add link into comment

When you hit “Post as …” you will get a dialog box where you can enter whatever email you like for Your email. Your name will be your targeted keywords as Your website that you enter will link to what you enter for Your name.

enter your name and website info

You can see the links in the comments after you hit Post comment if the site is set to auto approve. By default Disqus sites are set to auto approve comments.

2 live .gov link


You can see these live links here :