Apple’s New iPhone 6s Is Finally Here: What To Expect From It

On September 9th 2015, journalists and Apple fans word wide waited eagerly for the company’s latest unveiling, surrounded until the last minute by numerous unconfirmed rumors and exciting suppositions. The two-hour presentation, held at San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, saw a host of new products, including a bigger iPad and the much anticipated Apple TV, but the real star of the event was the iPhone 6s, described by its makers as the most advanced smartphone in the world.

A preview is available here, at That’s bold statement, true to Apple’s vision and spirit and although, on the outside, not much has changed since the launch of iPhone 6 series, it’s the inside that truly reflects the scale of the smartphone’s impressive upgrade. Here’s what to expect from the new iPhone 6s, available for purchase in the US starting September 25th.

New Functions

A popular MacBook and Apple Watch feature has made an appearance on this year’s smartphone, allowing its users to discover new ways of interacting with the device and its applications. Called 3D Touch, the pressure-sensitive technology works like a “right click”, offering the possibility to interact with any app without having to open it.

Better Images and Video

Rumors surrounding the iPhone6s new camera were spot on: the gadget is equipped with a dual-lens 12Mp camera with improved autofocus and color accuracy, allowing its users to capture DSLR like images and 4k videos. Another new feature, called Live Photos, will automatically transform pictures into GIF-like images by combining them with a second and a half video shot before and after the photo.

Stronger Body

Thanks to the 7000-series aluminum, similar to alloys used in the aerospace industry, the thin iPhone 6s will now be safe in anyone’s back pockets, averting a reiteration of last year’s Bendgate scandal. The new body is slightly thicker than its predecessor and adds an extra of 14 grams to its total weight of 143 grams.

Faster Processor

You can’t expect a new iPhone without a new processor and this one is smaller, faster and more energy efficient. The A9 64-bit cip with an embedded M9 motion coprocessor is 70% faster than the A8, and 90% better when it comes to graphics performance, promising a very entertaining gaming experience.

New Color

In addition to the already available colors (gold, silver and grey), a new color has emerged – rose gold. Already used on the Apple Watch, the new style option is quite popular among the younger users and with the style-savvy fashionistas.

There were plenty of rumors concerning the new iPhone’s battery, with some saying that it would last up to seven days. Unfortunately, this is not yet the case, although current hardware and software tweaks do promise an extended battery life.

With so many exciting features revealed, we can imagine that the new iPhone 6s will be a popular choice among smartphone users, giving a massive boost to Apple’s iPhone global market share of 10.4%. (source:

But sophisticated technology doesn’t come cheap and buyers are expected to pay a steep price for Apple’s newest release. And since statistically speaking, one third of users are bound to damage their iPhones at some point, repair services will also make big profits restoring and fixing these expensive features.

If you’re planning to buy the new iPhone, how can you avoid spending a lot of money on repairs, in the event of an accident? By taking common sense measures, such as an extended warranty.

There are plenty of reliable companies that offer affordable gadget insurance plans, some of them specifically designed for smartphones. Such is the case with by Assurant, which has two protection plans, one for smartphones and one specifically designed for iPhones. These start at just $5.99 a month and cover anything that might go wrong with your device, from accidental damage to mechanical breakdowns and faulty battery. With unlimited claims and no cancellation fee, these plans also include a next day resolution which means that if misfortune strikes and your device gets damaged, Protect Your Bubble will send you a replacement the very next day.

With an expensive price tag and an equally big role in our lives, smartphones are important assets and they should be treated as such. Always take precautionary measures and remember, prevention is better than cure… and certainly cheaper, too!

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