A New Set of Strings Under Launch Preparation by ICANN

A new plan was designed by ICANN for the near future after taking users suggestions regarding the latest gTLD submissions into consideration.

This scheduled set of events will allow an increase in the domain names industry by making prospects more possible, varied and open for changes.

The focus of ICANN set of actions has been to make sure that the present working gTLDs are being enabled and used in a secure and smooth way and since this has been done now, a new set of strings can be taken to be prepred for being launched.

Although this is now foreseen to happen sooner that 2016, there is wish to speed up things, the precise date depending largely on the conclusions drawn from the processes until now.

All the submissions that were sent lately have been reviewed and the ones that are still undergoing changes will be ready in the shortest time possible.

As ICANN has said on several occasions, the knowledge and understading that were built so far will contribute to a better preparation for the second intended round of applications which are expected to generate a fast and stable growth of domain names on the market in the future.

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