parkingcrewFrom domainers for domainers
ParkingCrew: More than 30 years of combined industry experience.
Dedicated account managers that know what they are doing. System built by domainers to satisfy every domainers’ need.


SmartNamesmartname provides complex domain analysis and customization. SmartName’s landing pages look like fully built websites. Google feed.

Maximize your parking revenues by identifying the best performing service for each domain.
~Automatic optimization of your domains
~Easily test and compare different parking services on a single dashboard
~Automatic redirection to alternate parking service if earnings drop
Single dashboard for a side by side comparison of all parking companies for every domain.

~Use your Existing Parking accounts!
~Normalized RPMs for real transparency of domain parking earnings
~Detailed Analytics: geo-graphics, search terms, referrals, URLs visited per domain


WhyParkwhypark quickly builds domains to become shiny, new, living websites.



Primary feed – Google

Domainsponsor provides the most advanced keyword auto-optimization and lander rotation. 1-click landers have recently been added to their lineup of simple but professional domain landers.

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